Monthly Archives: June 2011

CAS group inaugural conference, 3rd June 2011

The first annual conference of the Contemporary Aristotelian Studies specialist group of the PSA was held at London Met on 3rd June 2011, including papers by Alasdair MacIntyre (London Met), Kirsten Ainley (London School of Economics), Ron Beadle (Newcastle Business School), Keith Breen (Queen’s University, Belfast), and many others. Thanks to all those involved in organising the conference, who participated and who gave papers¬† it was a successful and memorable event. The group’s second annual conference will be on the 18th June 2012 at the University of Nottingham on the theme of ‘Well-being’. At the group’s AGM other future activities of the group were also discussed. We hope to host a panel at 2012 PSA conference to be held in Belfast and we also penciled-in our 2013 conference for the University of Wales, Newport. We look forward to an exciting year ahead and if you would like to join the group and have a say in our activities then please see our Membership page.


Amendment of the Constitution voted on at AGM

At the Annual General Meeting of the Contemporary Aristotelian Studies specialist group, held on 3rd June 2011, two amendments to the constitution were proposed by the existing officers and voted on by members.  The first was that another officer position should be created of Webmaster in addition to the existing three officers of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The second was that members should be able to call an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) if two thirds or more of the membership thought that an extra meeting was required in addition to the AGM. Both amendments were passed by the group members. Please visit our Constitution page to see the full document including amendments.