Conference Programme

Programme for CAS Specialist Group inaugural conference
‘Contemporary Aristotelian Studies in Politics’
3rd June 2011

09.30-10.00 (The Atrium)
Coffee and welcome

Plenary 1: Four Political Aristotles (GSB.01)
(Chair: Professor Robert McKeever, London Met)

Professor Alasdair MacIntyre (London Met)

11.30-11.45 (The Atrium)
Tea and coffee

Plenary 2: Aristotle and International Relations (GSB.01)
(Chair: Dr Tolis Malakos, London Met)

Dr Kirsten Ainley (LSE): Virtue Ethics beyond the Nation State

13.00-13.45 (The Atrium)
Lunch including the launch of Virtue and Politics (University of Notre Dame Press) edited by Paul Blackledge and Kelvin Knight

Panel 1 Virtue (GSG.18)
(Chair: Kim Redgrave, London Met)
Professor Timothy Chappell (Open University): How to Get Out of Our Heads: Gentleness as a Political Virtue

Laura Cortés i Andreu (University of Barcelona): Can a Virtue Be in the Service of Bad Acts? The Possibilities of Solving a New Problem with Old Formulas

Dhananjay Jagannathan (University of Cambridge): On Openness: An Essay in Aristotelian Moral Psychology

Dr Ronald Weed (University of New Brunswick): Aristotle and the Problem of Defining the Mean

Panel 2 Tradition (GS1.16)
(Chair: Dr Kelvin Knight, London Met)
Dr Tom Angier (University of Kent): Alasdair MacIntyre’s Analysis of Tradition

Rafael Ramis Barcelo (University of the Balearic Islands): The Historiography of Ethics in the Aristotelian Tradition: MacIntyre and Irwin

Dr Eleni Leontsini (University of Ioannina): Friendship as a Social Good: Aristotelian Civic Friendship versus Enlightenment Commercial Friendship

Panel 3 Policy and Economy (GS1.15)
(Chair: Prof Sean Sayers, University of Kent)
Dr Hendrik Hansen (University of Passau): Aristotle, Marx and the Current Financial Crisis

Professor Russell Keat (University of Edinburgh): Cultural Production as a Practice

Dr Piotr Machura (University of Silesia): Schools versus Markets: Education as a Form of Policy

Mustafa Ongun (London Met): MacIntyre’s Aristotelianism and Public Institutions: Reconsidering Tom Burns’ Account of The BBC

Panel 4 Polities and Individuals (GS1.18)
(Chair: Prof Joseph Dunne, Dublin City University)
Professor James Connelly (University of Hull): On the Notion of Collective Virtue

Philip de Mahy (Catholic University of America): Politeia and Practices: A Case for Empirical Research in Aristotelian Studies

Dr Katinka Waelbers (Maastricht Unversity): How (Not to) Construct Virtuous Citizens

Barry MacLeod-Cullinane: Lon L. Fuller’s Procedural Natural Law and Douglas Rasmussen’s and Douglas Den Uyl’s Norms of Liberty

Panel 5 Deliberation (GSG.19)
(Chair: Prof Marco D’Avenia, Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome)
Dohyoung Kim (University of Edinburgh): On the Limit of Aristotelian Deliberation

Dr Wynne Walker Moskop (St. Louis University): Leadership and Deliberative Governance

Dr Katerina Sideri (University of Crete): Genetic Modification of Embryos, Patents, and Deliberative Governance in the Aristotelian Tradition

16.15-16.30 (The Atrium)
Tea and coffee

Plenary 3: Aristotle and Work (GSB.01)
(Chair: Dr Tony Burns, University of Nottingham)

Dr Keith Breen (Queen’s University Belfast): Work and Practical Reasoning: On Two Rival Visions of the Workplace

Dr Ron Beadle (Newcastle Business School): On the Distinction between Virtue and Skill

CAS business meeting